LIVE webinar – Every Thursday at
11:00AM / 7PM (CET)
  LIVE webinar – Every Thursday at 11:00AM / 7PM (CET)

How to Simplify & Accelerate Your Urban Design Process?

... with parametric modeling, real-time areas calculation and live spreadsheets synchronization

Are you ready to make a small change in your process for an immense upgrade in you final result? #AutomateWhatYouCan

What you will find out in this webinar demonstration

In addition to the content, there will be a Q&A session at the end of the approximately 60-minute LIVE Modelur demonstration, in which you will have the opportunity to ask Jernej Vidmar your individual questions personally.

How to accelerate feasability studies and areas calculation

Learn to take advantage of the parametric approach to urban designing and quickly create different massing options with all areas calculated in real time.

An easy way to get the FAR exactly right

See the power of Interactive Zoning™ technology to design with higher accuracy and maximize the potential of every development.

How to automate zoning complience checking

Learn how to make fewer design mistakes by letting a computer tell you whether the distance between buildings is too small or FAR and building height is exceeded.

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Who is Jernej Vidmar?

Jernej Vidmar is a co-founder and CEO of an urban design SketchUp extension Modelur, but most importantly, he’s also an urban designer through and through…

In the final year of his studies, he was faced with another ultra dull task to design this landscape the old-fashioned way… crunching numbers, wasting countless hours iterating and exporting areas to spreadsheets…

Because he hated dealing with numbers most of the time and loved designing more, he dedicated his research to optimizing the urban design process, helping many architecture firms and cities improve their efficiency.

He knew that computers are way better than humans when it comes to calculations, so he created a simple solution that makes urban designing easier and more enjoyable.

He’s now helping architects change their urban design process by implementing Modelur in their workflow to save time and money, and improve communication with their clients.


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Important: By joining our webinar live, you’ll also get free access to the Modelur Pro monthly demo license so you can test it at your own pace and try it on a real-life project. 

We start every Thursday at 11 AM and 7 PM (CET).

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