Modelur Certified Instructor:

Martijn Verhoeven

I have worked for the last 2,5 half years at the municipality of Amsterdam. First as an assistant City Planner/ Assistant Urban Designer, now as a Geodata Analyst.

In my role as an analyst,  I support project teams within our organization with geospatial analysis, data visualization and parametric urban design with Modelur.

After an intense project where I was responsible for drawing and calculating the parameters of a specific urban plan, I set out to look for a tool that would speed up this process while minimizing potential errors.

Online I discovered Modelur and decided to show it to my project supervisor. Since then I’ve been responsible for testing Modelur, informing and training my fellow colleagues and implementing Modelur on our systems together with colleagues from the Data Lab and the IT department.

Amsterdam, May 5th 2019