Simple Features, Powerful Outcome

Here’s why large and small architecture and design firms love Modelur, and you will too

Parametric Buildings

Easily model the development in 3D according to specified goals just by adjusting key building parameters.

Parametric Buildings

Modify 3D buildings by changing their desired final values such as number of storeys or gross floor areas directly.

Mixed-use Buildings

Modelur buildings can contain different kinds of uses to help you achieve the mix you need.

Work 3-5x Times Faster

Using carefully selected set of features you can work up to 5 times faster when compared to using SketchUp alone.

Modify Buildings Visually

Modelur will react to scaling buildings directly in 3D model by recalculating their parameters and adding new storeys on-the-fly.

Interactive, Data-driven Design

Have a complete control over what you are designing.

Interactive 3D Zoning™

Use our unique Interactive 3D Zoning™ technology to adapt buildings to local zoning regulations automatically.

Different Levels of Data

Modelur provides real-time data calculation for buildings, city blocks and complete model separately.

Custom (Land) Use Types

For even greater flexibility and calculation precision, you can create your own (Land) use types.

Real-time Zoning Compliance

Modelur will instantly warn you if your design is not in line with existing zoning regulations.

Real-Time Calculations

Monitor massing results on-the-fly, as you design!

Live Sync With Excel

Modelur can send the data directly to Excel, to help you add your own real-time calculations (Windows only).

Instant Massing Results

See achieved values also directly inside 3D viewport, while you are designing.

Financial Estimations

Modelur will crunch the numbers in the background to deliver also financial estimation of your projects.

Required Parking Estimation

Based on assigned uses, Modelur will provide you with instant parking requirement estimations.

Powerful Imports and Exports

Work with GIS data, import 3D buildings, export key urban performance indicators.

GIS Import/Export

Generate fully functional parametric buildings and city blocks, underground infrastructure, trees or even terrain from your SHP or GeoJSON files.

Open Street Map Database

Create 3D context of your new project with a click of a button from a database of +350mio buildings from around the globe.

CSV and Excel data export

Export data to Excel (Windows only) or CSV, modify it further and share it with other people involved in your project.

DXF, IFC, KMZ, etc

You can bring in or output your 3D models via DXF, IFC, KMZ or any other format types supported natively by SketchUp.

Seamless integration with SketchUp

Use any of the native tools that come bundled with SketchUp!

Masterplan Alternatives and Phasing

Use pages to create different masterplan scenarios in a single model, and Modelur will update information accordingly.

Manage Model with Tags/Layers

Use SketchUp's native tags (layers) to organize your models.

Create Shadow Analysis

Export data to Excel (Windows only) or CSV, modify it further and share it with other people involved in your project.

Take advantage of 3D Warehouse

Enrich your 3D model with landscape architecture elements from one of the richest 3D model repositories in the world.