Data-Driven Urban Design Massing for SketchUp and Rhino

Explore multiple design ideas quickly and easily without manual calculation. Mac OSX and Windows!

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Explore and Communicate Your Design Ideas
with Speed, Ease and Confidence

Fast Design Iteration

explore multiple design ideas
in less time

Easy To Use

design in 3D with improved
confidence and accuracy

Integrated Workflow

automatic feedback while
you design


understand how your design fits into the overall environment


enhance your project by importing
SHP and GeoJSON files

Compliance Warnings

instant visual feedback if you exceed zoning requirements

Using Modelur in 3 Steps:

Step #1
Add Design Requirements

Enter zoning rules to create flexible and accurate land-use calculations.

Step #2
Create Building Volumes

Use the Modelur massing generator to see how zoning impacts your real-world design ideas.

Step #3
Visualize Your Data

Synchronizes your model data to Excel in real-time with Modelur Excel LiveSync. 

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