Internationalization Credits

Modelur team would like to extend their warmest of thank yous to the following people for helping translating UI to different languages:

  • Burkhard Bals (German),
  • Edson Mahfuz (Portuguese),
  • Frenchy Pilou (French),
  • Huaqiao Wang, James Baq, Wantao Xiao and Xiaoqi Wang (Chinese),
  • Tomasz Gutowski (Polish),
  • Gertjan Laurenssen (Dutch),
  • Diego Rodriguez and Edgar Navas (Spanish),
  • Uffe Gross Nielsen (Danish) and
  • Salvatore Colletti (Italian).

How to Simplify Your Urban planning Process?

Use the power of Modelur to automatically calculate key urban control parameters, interact with 3D zoning rules, and get instant design compliance warnings.