Modelur4Rhino is an operation supported by Slovenian Centre for Creativity, Ministry of Culture and European Cohesion Fund. The aim of this operation is to develop Modelur (a parametric urban design application) as a Rhinoceros (general purpose 3D modeling application) plugin.

The search for an optimal urban design solution, that maximizes its value for each stakeholder, includes comparing the effectiveness and performance of multiple design scenarios. This includes numerous modifications of the urban design solution, and repeated calculations of its urban design parameters – each time, all over again. The entire process takes a lot of work that is both – time-consuming and tiring. Especially in the Rhino environment, which has no built-in functionality to modify urban design parameters directly. You can use some other Rhino parametric plugins, but let’s be honest – setting up all the scripts is not a quick and straightforward solution.

Having a proper tool represents a significant change for the better in the workflow of Urban designers. We had all that in mind when developing MODELUR, the first-ever parametric modification functionality in Rhino 3D, built explicitly for urban designers.