Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Categories: Master Plan, Public Space, Public Buildings, Public Infrastructure, Education
Submission deadline: February 28, 2022, at 03:00 PM (Submission of Prequalification Application Documents)
Language: English
Organizers: EIT Institute for Advanced Study

    Introduction: “A Modern Classic” Campus — International Competition for Campus Planning Design and Architectural Schematic Design of Eastern Institute of Technology (Tentative) is calling for entries, planning to solicit campus planning design philosophies and detailed design schemes that are eco-friendly, flexible, intensive, and implementable from the world. 


    I. Project Name

    International Competition for Campus Planning Design and Architectural Schematic Design of “A Modern Classic” Campus – Eastern Institute of Technology (Tentative)

    II. Project Location

    Ningbo City of Zhejiang Province

    III. Official Website of Competition Rules

    Password: z5w1

    Request for Design Brief and Relevant Materials:
    The applicant must first send the registration form (see attachment: “Competition Rules-Part II: Format of Prequalification Application Documents, Section 2. Application Form”) to the designated email address: After that, the organizer will send the Design Brief and other relevant materials to the applicant by email, and the applicant will have to prepare a concept design accordingly.

    Deadline for Submitting Prequalification Application Documents:

    The applicants who confirm to join this competition shall prepare the prequalification application documents in accordance with the attachment “Competition Rules-Part I: Instructions to Participants, Section 3. Requirements for Prequalification Application Documents” and submit the required electronic documents and paper documents before 15:00 of February 28, 2022.

    Please log in to the website for registration before the deadline:

    (1) Submission of electronic documents: The electronic documents must include a scanned copy of the original application documents (stamped scanned copy in PDF), an editable WORD/PDF file, a concept design in PDF file and an editable Excel file for “Application Status List of the Applicant”. Please send them to the mailbox:

    (2) Submission of paper documents and USB disks (2pcs) (by courier is allowed): Address: 9/F, No. 2 Building, Kaiyuan New Youth Square, 568 Tongxin Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City; contact person: Hu Yangyang; contact number: 0574-55336703,15757461745 (Both contact numbers are only used for receiving the delivery instead of project-inquiry. For any project inquiry, please contact Limmy +8613410924863).
     In case of any changes to the submission deadline, the latest announcement shall prevail. The prequalification application documents are subject to the final paper materials received, and any application materials received after the deadline will not be accepted.

    IV. Host

    EIT Institute for Advanced Study

    V. Consultant

    Shenzhen Eden Advisory Co., Ltd.
    Contact person: Limmy
    Contact number: +8613410924863 (9:00-18:00 Beijing time Monday through Friday)

    VI. Project Overview

    Currently, the world’s higher education has gradually evolved from a learning community and an academic community into an innovation community, and the establishment of a university with the abilities to lead the future is of the highest priority of all world-class universities. Accelerating the construction of a pioneering research-oriented university is of great significance for cultivating top-notch innovative talents, developing scientific and technological self-reliance, and leading higher education reforms and innovations. Eastern Institute of Technology (Tentative) is a private, nonprofit research-oriented university aimed at becoming a world-class institution of higher education and cutting-edge research with broad societal impacts.  It is funded by the Education Foundation established by Mr. Yu Renrong, a leading entrepreneur born in Ningbo, Zhejiang, and supported by the governments of Zhejiang Province and Ningbo City.

    Ningbo Yongjiang Technical Innovation Corridor is one of the three major technical innovation corridors in the circular bay economic zone of Yangtze River Delta, and is positioned as a “leading source of technical innovation in the Yangtze River Delta region with global influence”. Qingshuipu Area of Zhenhai District, Ningbo City, where Eastern Institute of Technology (Tentative)  is located, is situated at the intersection of Yongjiang Technical Innovation Corridor, the strategic zone of the three rivers and six banks, and the ecological belt of Ningbo City. It has dense and efficient scientific research institutes, diverse innovation platform, and great strength as an important industrial town, being the area with most potential for the industrial development of technical innovation. The space has the dual value attributes of ecology and technical innovation, and it has always been regarded as the prerequisite for “ecology + innovation”.

    Fig. 1 Satellite map of the project land
    Fig. 1 Satellite map of the project land
    Fig. 2 Land use status of Qingshuipu area
    Fig. 2 Land use status of Qingshuipu area

    6.1 Schooling Scale
    It is planned that the number of students in the University within ten years will be 10,000, and the ratio of undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees will be 4:3:3.
    There will be 600 core professors (PI), including 200 in the College of Science, 150 in the College of Engineering, 150 in the College of Information Science and Technology, 50 in the College of Business, and 50 in various interdisciplinary research centers.

    6.2 Project Construction Scale and Investment Plan
    The planned Gross Floor Area of this plot is about 1.148 million square meters. The estimated total construction cost is RMB 11 billions.

    VII. Requirements for Open Application

     There is no qualification limit for design agencies to join this competition. Both domestic and international design agencies with relevant design experience (independent legal entities or other organizations licensed to perform architecture planning and designs) can apply. Consortium with no more than 4 members is allowed. In addition, each consortium member is not allowed to make duplicated applications either by himself/herself or by joining a different consortium with other design agencies. Applications submitted by individuals or a group of individuals are not accepted.
     Priority will be given to design agencies (including consortiums) with experience in campus planning and architectural design.
     The design personnel joining the competition shall be registered with the participating design agency.
     The open application design agency (consortium) should provide prequalification application documents as per Requirements for Prequalification Application Documents, which include application materials and a concept design. See attachment: “Competition Rules 3 -Part I: Instructions to Participants, Section 3. Requirements for Prequalification Application Documents” for details.

    VIII. Competition Rules

    This international competition will proceed at three stages: the 1st stage is “selection of “by invitation” design agencies + open application prequalification”; the 2nd stage is “design competition”; the 3rd stage is “determining the winner”.

    1st stage – selection of “by invitation” design agencies + open application prequalification
    The method of “invitation + open application” will be adopted to determine the shortlisted design agencies of this project. After the review of qualifications of candidates from both “by invitation” and “open application” groups, no more than 10 agencies will be shortlisted in the end to jointly participate in the second stage – design competition.

    2nd stage – design competition
    The Host will organize an on-site survey and a Q & A meeting for the shortlisted design agencies. After signing the Participation Confirmation Letter and Confidentiality Agreement, the Host will provide basic design materials in details, and the shortlisted agencies will submit deliverables that meet the requirements as per Design Brief. At least one interim presentation will be arranged during the design competition stage.

    3rd stage – determining the winner
    The Host reserves the right to request the top three agencies to optimize their deliverables based on the opinions of the scheme review committee before determining the top three rankings based on the opinions of the scheme review committee. If optimization is required, the optimization period shall not exceed 4 weeks.
    (1) The Host will rank the top three on the basis of respecting the opinions of the scheme review committee, and the first-place agency is the winner. The final result of the competition will be announced after the ranking is determined.
    (2) The Host independently decides that finally one (the first-place winner) or more agencies will undertake the architectural schematic design development according to the situation of the scheme review.
    (3) The first-place winner will undertake the campus master plan scheme development and design development of no less than 50% buildings in the campus; the scheme development will reach the extent of construction approval for scheme, in which the architectural discipline will reach the extent of design development.
    (4) If due to the reasons of the winner (such as the winner’s abandonment of the qualification, the failure to perform the contract due to non-force majeure, or the fact that there is an illegal act that affects the winning result), the winner no longer meets the winning conditions or cannot continue to participate in the subsequent work, the Host can communicate with other shortlisted agencies to separately determine other agency(ies) participating in the subsequent development work.

    Competition Schedule

    ☆ All the time mentioned is Beijing time. The Host reserves the right to adjust the schedule. In case of schedule adjustment, the Host will notify the shortlisted agencies via email.

    IX. Design Development Fee, Design Compensation Fee and Relevant Expenses

    9.1 Design Development Fee
    The design development fee covers three parts: fee for campus master plan development, fee for individual building scheme design and architectural design development, and fee for special design development (e.g. flood control, sponge city, green and low carbon emission, etc.).

    The shortlisted agencies make their own quotations based on the design scheme, and the Host will negotiate the price with the first-place winner (or other agencies assigned with design development work) according to the architectural design development assignment, and sign the design development contract in accordance with the determined design development content.

    9.2 Design Compensation Fee
    (1) After scheme review, the shortlisted agencies conforming to the design requirements shall get the following design compensation based on the ranking (on the premise of no design development contract awarded):

    (2) Payment of design compensation fee: 
    The design compensation fees for this competition are all paid in RMB, and they are tax inclusive. The Host signs a design compensation payment agreement with each shortlisted agency. The Host will start the payment procedures after the agreement is signed. The design agency shall provide the application materials and the legal and effective special VAT invoice in China. The recipient must be a domestic company (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The overseas design agency can entrust the domestic company to collect payment and specify the collector’s information in the agreement.

    9.3 Others
    The shortlisted agency shall bear all expenses (including travel and accommodation expenses, model making, printing expenses, etc.) for participating in this competition. If the review committee believes that the submissions from the design agency do not meet the design extent and requirements of this competition, the Host will not pay the design agency any design compensation fee.


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