Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Categories: Master Plan, Public Infrastructure, Strategy, Landscape Design, Urban Revitalization
Submission deadline: July 13, 2021, at 09:00 AM
Language: English
Organizers: City of Vancouver

Summary: The City is launching the Sea2City Design Challenge (Sea2City) to help inform a framework and vision to guide urban development and ecological revitalization in Vancouver’s False Creek floodplain, a highly valued and constrained urban waterway in the heart of the city.

Description: The innovative and exciting design challenge will engage two multidisciplinary teams to work cooperatively with the City of Vancouver and project partners to:

• Explore coastal adaptation approaches that respond to the social equity, economic, and ecological challenges posed by sea level rise and coastal flooding.

• Investigate coastal adaptation approaches for sea level rise beyond 1 metre.

• Expand the City’s toolbox of coastal flood management approaches.

• Increase public awareness of climate change and sea level rise.

Sea2City will include a creative and interactive public engagement and communications program managed by the City of Vancouver. Design teams will participate in three rounds of events and activities including public learning and design events and advisory sessions and workshops with groups established for the project. Two participating design teams will be selected through a competitive application process to:

• Provide a comprehensive design package for a preferred conceptual coastal flood
management approach for two sites in False Creek (each Design team will be responsible for two sites).

• Provide illustrative concepts showing where future coastal flood management
approaches and/or structures could be developed along the currently unprotected portions of the False Creek shoreline.

• Participate in 1-day, inter-team design charrette at the conclusion of the Sea2City to apply lessons learned through the challenge process to a fifth site.

• Produce a final set of materials designed to inspire and inform the
community and the City.

As a City of Vancouver project, the Sea2City Design Challenge application will go through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process. The RFP is available for submissions until July 13, 2021 at:

Download the information related to this competition here.


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