Location: Conceptual
Categories: Idea, Public Space, Community
Registration deadline: July 23, 2022, at 11:30 PM (Early Bird)
Submission deadline: October 30, 2022, at 11:30 PM
Language: English
Organizers: Silk Cities



Introduction: Cities and urban spaces are transformed from time to time when communities practice their cultural traditions and express their cultural identities. From yearly preparations and celebrations of the New Year, festivals, and rituals to more frequent cultural activities in public spaces a community’s cultural life interacts with public urban spaces and urban life. This international Competition seeks to visually explore the above. Silk Cities and partners invite you to submit your photos and videos to demonstrate the relation between a community’s cultural activities and public spaces. 


Community’s Cultural Life in Public Spaces 

Silk Cities international competition 2022

Competition Webpage

How do public spaces interact with a community’s cultural life, such as preparations for the new year, festive events, performing artssocial practices, or religious rituals, interact with public spaces? How do they influence or be influenced by public spaces? These are examples of our questions.

  • You can address both historical and contemporary traditions and practices belonging to your culture. They can relate to special times of year or everyday urban life. 
  • You can capture those culture-based community life in public spaces in normal situations or after cities and communities face disasters, wars and revolutions. 

Cultural legacies, whether to be preparations, celebrations, music, food and more, describe intangible heritage. The Competition, therefore, highlights relations between various types of intangible heritage performed by communities and urban spaces. Many of these intangible cultural legacies and traditions are not bound to current geographic borders; instead, they spread along territories, uniting local, regional and global communities.

The Competition is open to the public, whether amateur or professional photographers and videographers. In addition to cash prizes, winners will enjoy extensive global exposure through various platforms and outputs, such as interviews, an open-access Competition eBook, digital gallery and more. Selected works will be exhibited at the International Conference, ‘Intangible Heritages, Cities and Communities’ which is being organised and their point of views will be discussed. 

Submission categories

  1. Photo
  2. Short video, such as video reportage, documentary, and video art
  • The multidisciplinary jury panel consists of established and award-winning artists and experts.
  • Winners will receive cash prize, global exposure, and more.
  • The competition is open to the public.

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