Location: Saint-Germain-en-laye, France
Categories: Master Plan, Public Space, Public Buildings, Public Infrastructure, Education, School Design, School
Submission deadline: March 28, 2022, at 08:00 PM
Language: French, English
Organizers: Because Architecture Matters

    Introduction: This open call seeks solutions for the construction of an innovation campus in Saint-Germain-en-laye. A 20,000 m2 technology and university campus, labelled “Territoire d’Industrie” and “Grand Lieu d’Innovation” since 2019, iXcampus is a unique place of exchange between the worlds of business, research and higher education in the fields of impact deep tech. 

    Summary: Built around the flagship site of iXblue, a French high-tech company, world leader in the fields of navigation, photonics and maritime technology, the campus will also house, since 2020, 15 innovative start-ups and SMEs as well as two CY Cergy Paris University courses (CY Tech and CY School of Design), representing 400 researchers, engineers and technicians as well as 160 students. With a unique range of services including a restaurant, a 1200 m2 sports centre, a conference centre and a 400 m2 Fab Lab, iXcampus has become in less than two years a centre of attraction and excellence in innovation within the fields of deep tech and design. 

    Today iXcampus is taking on a new challenge: to double the surface area of the campus in order to accommodate 1,200 students and 900 employees in 2025.

    The challenge will be to build sustainable and reversible buildings aiming at carbon neutrality, taking advantage of their occupation to move towards zero consumption, and generating a positive impact on their environment and the biodiversity of the site.

    estimated envelope : € 40,000,000

    surface to create : 16,000 sqm

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