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Location: Daehak-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Categories: Public Buildings, Public Space, Master Plan, Public Infrastructure, Mixed-use, Cultural Center
Registration deadline: July 02, 2021, at 11:59 AM
Submission deadline: August 25, 2021, at 11:59 AM
Language: Korean and English

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    Summary: This International Design Competition is searching for ideas for the Remodeling and expansion of the Seoul National University Cultural Center.


    Competition title: The Remodeling and expansion of the Seoul National University Cultural Center (Bldg.#73) International Design Competition

    Type: International, one-stage

    Eligibility: Domestic and foreign architects (including corporations)

    Languages: Korean and English

    Fees: None

    2 July 2021 – Registration deadline
    2 July 2021 – Site tour
    25 August 2021 – Design submission deadline
    13 September 2021 – Announcement of results (website)

    • Winner has the right to basic and actual design
    • 2nd Prize (1) – 24M KRW ($21,500)
    • 3rd Prize (1) – 18M KRW ($17,000)
    • 4th Prize (1) – 12M KRW ($12,500)
    • 5th Prize (1) – 6M KRW ($6,000)

    Competition Aims

    The design goal is to propose a platform for free creation, experience, and knowledge sharing and communication in universities and shape it into a space.

    A design proposal shall be able to function as a new creative space by remodeling and remodeling existing buildings.

    An open external space plan newly connected to the surrounding area as the central space of the campus shall be proposed.

    A new type of performance space should be created to promote co-prosperity in universities and communities and serve as a cultural hub for the community.

     Site and Scope of Design
    LocationCulture Center, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul National University
    Site Area12,300m2
    Gross Floor Area11,500m2
    Number of floors1 basement level, 3 above-ground floors
    Main Building UsageVarious campus performances and events such as cultural performances, art presentations, lectures, graduation ceremonies, etc.

    For more information and to register:
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