Location: Lagos, Nigeria, Africa
Categories: Idea, Public Space, Public Infrastructure, Strategy
Submission deadline: August 20, 2021, at 11:59 PM
Language: English

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    Summary: This year’s edition of the Lagos Architecture Competition is asking you to design creative architectural solutions to the problem of plastic pollution. The premise of your project should be inspiring and present something new for the city of Lagos. There should be coherence between your original concept/idea and your final output and your project should showcase your creativity and vision.

    Description: Last year, we held the first ‘Voen Foundation Architecture Competition which included over 100 contestants from around the world. We asked contestants to design floating housing solutions for communities-in-need, which was inspired by the Makoko Community. The various winners and submissions from the 2020 competition were not only incredible but also inspiring.

    This year we would like to switch the theme of the competition to focus on the issue of plastic pollution which is an issue in various megacities, including Lagos.

    Plastic pollution has been a growing issue for decades and there have been various solutions presented by different global actors and bodies such as governments and international organisations. As architects and urban designers, it is important for us to be involved in this process and Lagos is a city that has seen bleak and limited amounts of solutions that respond to the context of the city. This is what led us to this year’s competition theme.

    We are not going to limit the scale or type of architecture your design should represent. The only requirements are that your designs must aim to solve the issue of plastic pollution and must use Lagos, Nigeria as a context. Whether your design is a single house that makes efficient use of recycled or upcycled plastic, a masterplan for a community that engages in plastic recycling and uses it as their way of generating income or even an industrial building or masterplan that presents a creative way to combat plastic pollution.


    The competition is open to students, recent graduates and young architects around the world.The competition allows groups (4 people max.) to submit projects and all group member names must be included when filling the registration form.


    •1st Place Winner – International Contestant – €500
    •1st Place Winner – Nigerian Contestant– N300,000
    •2nd Place – €250/N150,000
    •3rd Place – €150/N90,000
    •10 Honorable Mentions
    •20 Finalists
    •Founder’s Choice

    Find all information at the competition official website here!


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