Location: Chungju, South Korea
Categories: Museum, Cultural Center, Public Building, Public Infrastructure, Public Space
Submission deadline: November 24, 2021, 05:00 PM
Language: English, Korean
Organizers: National Museum of Korea

    Summary: The National Museum of Korea is an institution that oversees the preservation of state-owned buried cultural assets excavated from across the country based on the Cultural Heritage Protection Act. In addition, it has expanded its role from an institution that establishes and educates national cultural identity to a cultural centre that responds to the diverse cultural demands of modern society. The Chungju National Museum is the 14th national museum to be located in Chungju, the central part of the Korean Peninsula, which has been geographically and historically very important as well as the core of Jungwon culture.

    Description: This is an international design competition for domestic and foreign architects (including corporations).

    * Site and Scope of Design
    – Location : 533, 600 Geumneung-dong, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbukdo Site Area : 20,000m²
    – Site Area : 20,000m2
    – Area/District: Urban Area, Natural Green Area, Tourist District, Flight Safety Zone(District 6), Historical and Cultural Preservation Area
    – Gross Floor Area: 9,635m2
    – Usage: Culture and Assembly Facility (Exhibition)
    – Building Coverage ratio: 20% or less (Building Area 4,000m² or less)
    F – loor Area Ratio: 80% or less (Gross Floor Area for Floor Area Ratio calculation: 16,000m² or less)
    – Height : Height restrictions according to the Military Bases and Military Facilities Protection Act (review required)

    *Project Budget
    – Estimated construction cost : 25,427 million (including VAT)
    – Estimated design fee: 1,463 million (including VAT, Certification fees(2-15 for details), related service expenses)
    – Estimated construction cost for the exhibition: 5,537 million (To be ordered separately)

    * Awards and Prizes
    – The winner has the right to the basic and actual design, and the details of awards are as follows.
    – 2nd prize (1 team): 40 million KRW
    – 3rd place (1 team): 30 million KRW
    – 4th place (1 team): 20 million KRW
    – 5th place (1 team): 10 million KRW

    You can see the detailed competition information here!


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