Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Categories: Cultural Center, Public Building, Public Space, Public Infrastructure
Submission deadline (design intent and 3D sketch): September 21, 2021, 12:00 PM
Language: English
Organizers: Alefba Group

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    Summary: Project Pardis Design Committee is calling for architectural concept design to build an Iranian Community Center (Pardis) in the Greater Seattle area. This project is part of the Alefba Group, a non-profit organization dedicated to the Iranian and Persian culture. This is a great opportunity for anyone with an architectural/design background who has an interest in the Iranian culture/tradition and knowledge about the Seattle community.


    Our plan is to use the results of this contest to present the idea to grantors, investors and donors to inspire them to fund the project. The parameters of this contest are all hypothetical (including the project land) and there is no guarantee that the winning design will be built.
    you are interested, please submit your design intent (75 – 100 words) and a 3D sketch of your design concept (hand drawing or by using design software) to

    Monetary prize up to $5,000 available to top three winners; further details will be provided in the project introduction meeting. (To receive the prize, the winners need to provide a bank account number in the United States and Canada.)

    Initial Design Submission (design intent and 3D sketch): September 21st, 2021
    Project Introduction Online Session: September 26th, 2021
    Final Design Submission (Plan, 2D, 3D views (N-W and E-W), Elevations): November 10th, 2021
    Winner(s) announcement: 3rd week of November 2021


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