Location: Woolwich, UK
Categories: Idea, Research, Strategy, Community, Public Infrastructure, Public Space, Public Buildings, Urban, Landscape Design
Submission deadline: December 04, 2021, at 11:30 PM
Language: English
Organizers: RESOLVE Collective



    Introduction: The competition is a collaboration between RESOLVE Collective, the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and Historic England’s High Streets Heritage Action Zone programme in Woolwich and invites both groups and individuals to apply, prioritising ‘first-time designers’ and collaborations with local residents. Applicants’ physical designs will be installed across a variety of available locations between the town centre and the river, while digital designs will be exhibited on the competition website.

    Description: This will conclude in a celebration of the chosen designs in the ‘Reclaim the River’ Walking Tour in January 2022.

    This competition hosts a series of locations, or “sites”, that applicants can choose to design for. Each “site” has its own brief which you can read here. Each brief suggests ways in which applicants could explore Woolwich’s historical connection to the river and celebrate Woolwich’s contemporary lived heritage: championed by the many people and cultures that continue to allow Woolwich to thrive and connect it to the wider city and world.

    A selection of chosen applicants will each be given a total budget of £ 1000 alongside access to historical archives, mentorship, and a catalogue of recycled materials, organised and archived by the competition’s organisers. The chosen applicants will receive guidance from RESOLVE Collective, in addition to other experienced practitioners, to help them realise their ideas.

    To enter, please submit your name(s), a short 100-word statement about who you/your group are and what you/your group love most about Woolwich, and either a drawing, an image, or a written/voice-recorded description about design idea to:

    Please make the subject of your emails “Reclaim the River: Woolwich Design Competition”. Finally, remember to tell us which site(s) you are responding to!

    Download the information related to this competition here.


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