Location: Oxfordshire, UK
Categories: Master Plan, Landscape Design, Strategy, Public Infrastructure, Public Space, Urban, Education, School Design, School, Mixed-use
Submission deadline: December 03, 2022, at 11:59 PM (Deadline for receipt of Stage 1 submissions)
Language: English
Organizers: Colander, Oxford University Development

    Introduction: On behalf of Oxford University Development, we are delighted to announce this competition to find creative forward-thinking master planners and landscape designers to deliver a world-leading Innovation District with the University’s Science park, an incubator of world-changing research, at its heart.


    “We’re looking for a stellar team to design a master plan that responds to both Oxford’s housing needs, a place to live, work, and foster innovation and enterprise. We want to bring together the best minds in the industry, to work with us, Cherwell District Council and our local communities to create a masterplan of global significance.” — Anna Strongman, CEO, Oxford University Development

    Setting the scene

    This is indeed a rare opportunity, given the client’s blue-chip standing and its aspirations to create an internationally recognised, exemplar project that pushes boundaries in design innovation, environmental sustainability and social wellbeing.

    The winner of this competition will set the ambition and design intent for a successful, multi-phased regeneration programme, which is expected to come to fruition over the coming 20 years and with an overall budget in excess of £1billion. The winning team will bring demonstrable expertise to the table, however, it will also be visionary, prepared to work collaboratively with the client to create something that is truly special and worthy of this unique opportunity.

    The purpose of this competition is to select the master planner and design team for Begbroke. It is not a competition to design a master plan.


    STAGE 1
    An open call, asking for expressions of interest from inspiring teams that believe they have the ability to rise to this creative challenge.

    STAGE 2
    Five teams will be shortlisted to take part in Stage 2, which will include a mid-tender showcase/Q&A session, and will culminate in an interview with the Jury Panel.

    Read in details about this competition here!


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