Echo of Rubble

Summary: The design challenge is to conceive new product design interventions resulting in more like a speaking product reflecting the roughness of post-war materials and the echoes of its culture, that delivers the society a message. Description: Physical & conceptual exploration of continuous products that come out of rubble such

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Athenaeum – 2023

Summary: The secret of Copenhagen is open for the world to discover, and 2023 marks this special moment that has a chance to open it for the rest of the world. The competition brief here is to design an Athenaeum for Architecture at Copenhagen, that resonates with the evolving trends of

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72H Axo Battle – WATER PARK

Summary: The “72h Axo Battle” is a design competition developed to explore the creative potential of architectural design through one of the most iconic architectural drawings: the axonometric projection. You have 72 hours to develop a proposal that responds to the program contained in the extended contest brief, which will

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Summary: Our world is changing fast, while ambitions and challenges match in importance. In this context, design can play a huge role. How do we imagine the world to be? What range of possibilities we haven’t discovered yet? What’s a Non Architecture for a World in crisis? In 2020 we

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Design for Sustainable Cities

Summary: ‘Design for Sustainable Cities’ is an international student competition, being held by BE OPEN and Cumulus. It is open to students and graduates of all art, design, architecture and media disciplines of universities and colleges worldwide. The competition aims to encourage creation of innovative solutions, by younger creatives, for more

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Envision Tomorrow’s Israel

Summary: Located in the desert city of Be’er Sheva, Israel, this 21 acre village will serve as an eco-system of Zionist engagement including Jewish National Fund’s high school abroad, a program for post-college graduates to pursue yearlong internships at leading high tech companies, and an Adult Education Center to convene

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Liberland Design Competition 2020

Summary: In this unprecedented moment of global crisis, we have the opportunity to collectively rethink the values, agendas, and practices guiding the design of our built environments. As countries converge on drastic social control measures that aim to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, the fundamental infrastructures of every societal function system

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Low Rise: Housing Ideas for Los Angeles

Summary: Low-Rise: Housing Ideas for Los Angeles is a $100,000 design challenge asking architects and landscape architects to imagine appealing and sustainable new models of low-rise, multi-unit housing. Description: Participants in this competition may enter in any or all of the following categories. Fourplex: Assuming a 50-by-150-foot lot, submit a design that

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Toronto Affordable Housing Challenge

Summary: Toronto is among the ten most expensive major housing markets in the world, and housing prices are predicted to rise again in 2020 by almost 10%, according to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board. The reason housing prices in Toronto are so disproportionate to household incomes is mainly due

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How to Simplify Your Urban planning Process?

Use the power of Modelur to automatically calculate key urban control parameters, interact with 3D zoning rules, and get instant design compliance warnings.

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