Locations: Norway and 36 other sites in Europe
Categories: Strategy, Master Plan, Public Space, Public Buildings, Idea
Submission deadline: 17 Sep 2021, at 11:59 PM
Language: English
Organizers: European Europe





Summary: Europan 16 Norway – Living Cities is on! Europan is a competition for students and young professional architects, landscape architects, and urban planners under 40 years.

Description: Four exciting sites in Norway and another 36 sites in Europe. The Norwegian towns looking to the international community for exchange and new ideas to develop Living Cities are Haugesund with Risøy, Levanger with The Wooden Town, Nesodden with Fagerstrand, and Ringerike with Hjertelia. Representatives of the local authorities have put a considerable amount of work into preparing for the competition. At Europan Norway, we are proud that they have chosen the open international architecture competition as a tool for their town and urban development processes. 

Dear participants. We are looking forward to discovering how you would solve the challenge and to working with you after the competition!

Why participate? 

Europan provides architects, landscape architects and planners under the age of 40 a unique possibility to launch new ideas and contribute to the important discussion of the evolution of the European city.

Here are some other reasons why to participate in Europan:

– 1st prize equivalent to 12000 euros + commissions for the selected Norwegian municipalities  up to 1,5 million Norwegian kroner 

– If you win, you have made it. Many offices were founded after winning Europan.

– You have your entry assessed by internationally leading architects and urbanists.

– Requirements are low. You only need to fill 3 A1 panels and an A4-booklet. You decide how to present your ideas and project.

– Plenty of time. The deadline is at the end of September.

Check the sites out and register your team at:

For information about the Norwegian sites go to: ‪


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