Call for Entries: The ICONIC Residence in the City of Brantford, Canada


Location: Brantford, ON, Canada
Categories: Idea, Master Plan, Public Buildings, Public Space, Housing, Strategy
Submission deadline: January 22, 2021 11:30 PM
Language: English
Organizers: Everyurban Inc.


Summary: Calling for Entries for a 200+ Unit Residential Development in the City of Brantford, Ontario (Canada). This is a REAL project which will be going through development approvals and construction. This project offers a total professional contract value of $55,000 CAD. Opportunities for Structural Design, Interior Design and 3D Rendering. Students and Professionals all welcome. Participation is completely FREE. This could be a career setting opportunity.

Description: The City of Brantford is revitalizing the Downtown region as an emerging Urban Growth Centre and has delegated this high-profile location for an ICONIC residence building. The site is a gateway arrival point to the Downtown area overlooking the Grand River and is clearly seen when crossing the Lorne Bridge or travelling southward along Brant Avenue. The City plans to further expand and intensify the downtown area. The vision is to be a rental property hence the developer is looking at long-term ownership. All
the finishes should be good to high quality, easy to maintain and long lasting to minimize the need for frequent replacement. Long-term operations calls for consideration of high-efficiency technologies/systems for cooling/heating, appliances and renewable energy options to minimize operational costs. The core focus of this project RFP is to maximize and optimize living spaces, as well as creatively incorporate green features that residences can not only visually appreciate but interact with the space.

Sign up for a free account on our website and verify your email to receive project details. You will receive a unique user number which all participants must include in their entries. No registration required. Must submit all mandatory material on or before the deadline.

Everyurban is a platform for Architects and Designers to discover Development Projects. This was created to empower innovation and cultivate talent by offering real income opportunities to EVERYONE whether a student or professional from any country with the belief that creativity, skills and talent has no bounds and every person should be given the opportunity to shine. Our free signup and participation model seeks to widen the inclusiveness of people from ALL backgrounds. We offer assistance to Designers in order to support all skill levels, in particular students.
(We recommend students at the 3rd year level or later due to the professional skillset requirements. All are encouraged to give our projects a shot even for the learning experience and portfolio development.)

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