Location: Conceptual
Categories: Sustainable Urbanism, Smart City, Idea, Strategy
Registration deadline: May 25, 2021, at 11:59 PM
Submission deadline: September 05, 2021, at 11:59 PM
Language: English
Organizers: Arch Out Loud

Summary: Our world is changing. Imagine Mumbai and Miami permanently underwater, hurricanes frequently clashing against Manhattan and Manila, devastating droughts in Los Angeles and London, and fires running rampant in Sydney and San Francisco. A global future like this currently occupies our imagination but inches closer to reality each day.
How will our built environment react to rising sea levels, extended droughts, climbing temperatures, and other symptoms of global warming? How can our buildings and cities prevent the severity of natural disasters, degrading air quality, melting ice caps, and climate change at large?

WARMING calls on students and professionals from the fields of architecture, planning, and design to submit projects that respond to our changing climate and the environment.

Description: WARMING competition participants are asked to propose a new or adapted architecture that addresses issues of global warming. Participants are free to experiment and explore the subject – designs can be of any program, any scale, and on any site. Architecture may be building types such as homes, parks, skyscrapers, stadiums, schools, museums, libraries, transportation, multifamily housing, and more.

See how designers addressed our changing climate in last years WARMING Competition here.

​Participants may propose an architecture that prevents the rise of global warming or architecture that reacts to the changing world we will inhabit. Participants may also take a combined approach.

​PREVENT – designs can address issues such as renewable energy, recycling, sustainable farming, sustainable materials, passive design, or many others.

REACT – designs can address issues such as sea-level rise, droughts, wilderness fires, severe weather, habitat destruction, or many others.

Find all information at the official competition website here.


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