Location: Ouarzazate, Morocco
Categories: Idea, Strategy, Master Plan, Strategy, Landscape Design, Public Space, Public Infrastructure, Mixed-use, Student Competition
Submission deadline: October 17, 2021, at 12:00 PM
Language: English
Organizers: UN Habitat


    Summary: This international Design Challenge invites students and young practitioners to work in women inclusive and interdisciplinary design teams to contribute ingenious and creative design ideas to a new interpretation of traditional oasis systems set in locations across Australia, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.  


    In response to the climate emergency and the threat of ever-increasing desertification of large regions on the planet, and in alignment with the New Urban Agenda/Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs the Challenge calls for creative design ideas showing how a new interpretation of self-sufficient oases in desert regions around the globe could look like, feel and work: a new oasis, the NE[O]ASIS.   

    The NE[O]ASIS is envisaged to meet the challenges and opportunities of present and future self-sustained urban development in climatically challenged regions in deserts and drylands, with urban and architectural solutions that translate spatially a creative and sustainable vision of how we will live, work, play and co-evolve in future desert oasis systems. 

    This Design Challenge is hosted by the Australian Pavilion at the Dubai Expo2020 in partnership with the UN-Habitat, Griffith University, The University of Queensland, Bond University, Effat University, and Zayed University.

    NE[O]ASIS  is part of Ingenious Women’s Initiatives for Sustainable Urban Development, a range of events hosted at the Australian Pavilion, in conjunction with the Women Majlis, at the Dubai Expo2020. It aims to initiate a global platform for women involved in sustainable design of the built environment, including architecture, engineering, construction, urban design and planning, and allied professions.

    The organisers thank all designers who will take on this challenge and contribute to Ingenious Initiatives for Sustainable Urban Development.

    Please find further information, registration and submission forms on the website.

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