Students to Reinvent 18 World Cities to Tackle Climate Crisis as C40 Cities Launches New Competition


Location: Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dakar, Delhi, Dubai, Madrid, Melbourne, Montréal, Paris, Quezon City, Quito, Reykjavík, Seattle, Washington D.C.
Categories: Student Competition, Idea, Master Plan, Public Buildings, Public Space, Strategy
Registration deadline: March 18, 2021, at 11:59 PM
Submission deadline: May 27, 2021, at 11:59 PM
Language: English
Organizers: C40 Cities


Summary: Today, 18 global cities including Buenos Aires, Paris, Washington D.C., and Delhi have launched Students Reinventing Cities, a pioneering competition that will enable students and universities from across the globe to share their vision for a green and just reinvention of our cities. 

In a first of its kind, the competition is being led by C40 Cities – the global network of cities committed to bold climate action. The C40 Students Reinventing Cities Competition is dedicated to transforming cities in the face of the climate crisis, by driving an active collaboration between cities and academia.  The competition will ignite creative, imaginative, and tangible ways to decarbonise city neighbourhoods, as well as to support thriving and resilient life for local communities.  

Description: Students entering the competition will be given live projects to work on in cities including; Athens, Auckland, Barcelona, Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dakar, Delhi, Dubai, Madrid, Melbourne, Montréal, Paris, Quezon City, Quito, Reykjavík, Seattle, and Washington D.C.  They will submit their entries designed specifically for the urban area in their chosen city – to help change the way we live in cities for the benefit of our wellbeing and of the climate.  

The winning projects will be celebrated in a global communication campaign and winning students will be invited to present their projects to business leaders, city officials and leading climate organisations.  

C40 Cities is calling on multi-disciplinary teams formed by students in urbanism, architecture, and environment as well as in business, real estate and engineering. The students will be asked to share and celebrate innovative solutions to environmental and societal challenges, considering models such as the 15 Minute City and 20 Minute Neighbourhood, increasingly adopted as valuable urban planning principles.  

The competition is being supported by a collective of academic leaders from across the globe, a number of whom have been instrumental in drawing up the Academic Manifesto for A Green And Just Future.  The Manifesto calls for academic institutions to step up in the fight against climate change and to cooperate with cities to take part in the campaign for a Global Green New Deal.   

Across the globe, COVID-19 has raised awareness of, and indeed transformed the way we work, travel and live day-to-day. By doing so, it has also urged us to accelerate actions against climate change.   

Watch the project video and read more about the competition here.


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