Location: Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China
Categories: Master Plan, Strategy, Landscape Design, Public Space, Public Infrastructure, Mixed-use
Submission deadline: September 16, 2021, at 12:00 PM
Language: English
Organizers: Guangdong Urban & Rural Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.


    Summary: This is an International Consultation competition on the Project of Hot Springs Island, Xiangshan Bay, conducted on three scope levels: the research scope, concept design scope (suggested urban design and landscape design scope), and the detailed design scope (Suggested architectural design scope). This project is located in Nanlang Area, Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, PRC.


    2. Project Location

    The hot springs island is located in Damao Island Area of Nanlang, with Ma’an Island (the starting zone of Cuiheng New District) in the east. There are multiple key development platforms of the GBA around the project, namely, Nansha New District of Guangzhou in the north, Qianhai Area and Great Airport Town of Shenzhen and Binhaiwan Bay Area of Dongguan in the east, Tangjiawan and Hengqin New District of Zhuhai in the south. With such advantage in geography, it is the geographical center of the GBA.

    3. Consultation Contents

    There are three spatial levels included in this planning and design scope: research scope, concept design scope and detailed design scope.

    1) Research Scope: The research scope is enclosed by Cuiheng Express in the north, Minglan Avenue in the south, the Eastern Waihuan Expressway in the west, and Ma’an Island in the east, with a total area of 22.2 km2. Pls refer to the area circled by blue line in the figure. It‘s mainly required to carry out integrated coordination for the overall research scope through series of innovative development ideas and low-carbon development measures. Moreover, Coordinate surrounding key elements, propose ideas in aspects of landscape ecosystem, sight corridor control, external traffic connection, hot spring tube, waterfront slow traffic system, safeguards and so on, to explorea new model of coastal resort development. 

    2) Concept Design Scope (Suggested urban design and landscape design scope): The concept design scope focuses on urban design and landscape concept design. Its spatial scope is the southern area of Damao Island divided by the southern boundary of Cuiheng National Wetland Park. It extends to Cuiheng National Wetland Park in the north, Xianshan Bay in the south, Damao Island Waterway in the west, and the south branch of Hengmen Waterway in the east, with a total area of 2.2km2. For the specific scope, pls refer the the area circled by purple line in the figure. Through giving overall consideration o the holiday island and its basic conditions, such as the surrounding sea and land ecological resources, urban functions and  traffic system, etc., and put forward the conceptual design plan for the hot spring resort. In urban design level, it shall focus on planning structure, function layout,  general layout design, traffic organization, form and style, etc.; in landscape design level, it shall focus on the utilization of current landscape resources, mainly including general layout design, mine restoration, coastal embankment, sculpture garden, and infrastructure, etc.

    3) Detailed Design Scope (Suggested architectural design scope): The detailed design scope focus on the architectural design of Xiangshan Bay Hot Spring Resort Hotel. Pls refer to the scope circled by red line. It covers a total area of 0.58km2. The design team is required to fully consider  demands of the hot springs island for accommodating global high-end guests and holding important international exchange activities as well as project’s operability, carry out design for the size and layout of the hot spring resort hotel,  and pay attention to the division between quiet zone and activities zone, in which, it’s suggested to use the southern land of Damao Mountain for VIP reception zone. The design requirements include overally coordinating the landscape elements of the hot spring resort island, and putting forward the detailed design for Xiangshan Bay Hot Spring Resort, whose contents shall include hot spring resort function layout, and detailed design of key buildings of the hot springs hotel, etc. And then carry out detailed landscape design in combination with the architectural design, focus on planting design,  sketch design, and sign design, etc., to build a hot spring resort hotel with international high standard.

    4. Basic Rules

    In order to highlight the open, scientific and practical nature of this project, open consultation will be applied for its organization with two stages, namely, ‘Stage of Prequalification, and Stage of Design Competition’, which are scheduled to be completed by Sept., 2021.

    Stage 1: Prequalification (Jul., 2021)

    Release the announcement, working rules and design brief of this International Consultation, globally welcome design firms or design consortia (hereinafter referred to as ‘consulting firms’) to participate, set up the prequalification committee to review the registration documents submitted (The concept proposal can be submitted optionally), and select five consulting firms to issue the Invitation to Draft the Design SchemeThe invited consulting firms shall send the Confirmation of Participation to the Host within a week. 

    Stage 2: Design Competition (Jul. to Sept., 2021)

    Site Visit: The Host will select a date afterwards to organize the site visit and Q&A session. After the site visit and Q&A session, the invited consulting firms shall carry out design for this International Consultation.

    Experts Review: After the invited consulting firms submit their deliverables as required, invite well-known experts in the design area to constitute the jury panel, who will review the submittals and select the top three places (without ranking).

    Final Ranking: The host will set up The jury panel of final selection which will be consisted of 7 members or above. Considering the area’s actual development conditions and the experts’ review comments, the jury panel of final selection will rank the three candidates by disclosed voting. After final ranking, the final result will be publicized on relevant websites.

    5. Awards & Related Fees

    After the evaluation result of this International Consultation announced, the five shortlisted consulting firms, who have passed prequalification and whose submittals have been evaluated as qualified, can win corresponding fees according to their ranking as follows:

    First prize: RMB Two Million Seven Hundred Thousand Yuan (¥2,700,000) with bonus and design compensation in total;

    Second prize: RMB One Million Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Yuan (¥1,350,000) with bonus and design compensation in total;

    Third prize: RMB Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand Yuan (¥750,000) with bonus and design compensation in total;

    For the other two consulting firms that are not ranked top three, each can receive RMB  Five Hundred Thousand Yuan (¥500,000) as design compensation.

    6. Eligibility & Registration

    1) Eligibility

    a. The International Consultation will be open for registration by design firms or consortia at home or abroad. Personal registration is not accepted.

    b. Two or more legal entities with the same legal representative, parent company, sole subsidiary and its holding company are not allowed to participate in the International Consultation separately.

    c. Designers involved in the International Consultation should be the current staff of the registered design firm. The chief designer must have experience of directing a number of similar planning and design projects, and must directly participate in the whole process of the International Consultation. The project team should include at least one member who is proficient in the Chinese language to ensure the accurate understanding of the project background and relevant requirements of the International Consultation.

    d. Priority will be given to consulting firms with following similar project experience in last 5 years:

    • Planning and design experience in international waterfront cities;
    • Design capability and practical experience of large-scale resort hotels;
    • Comprehensive research capability and practical design experience of prominent urban areas;
    • Profound experiences in creating public landscape and environment;
    • Design and control capability on the overall urban space.

    2) Registration

    Before 15:00, July 16, 2021 (Beijing Time), the applicants shall send the electronic version of commercial documents (scanned copy of signed and sealed application form as well as its document in Word format) and consortium agreement (if having, scanned copy with signature and company seal) to the Host, and visit the website: or scan the following QR code to fill in the registration information for online registration.

    Moreover, the applicants shall deliver the complete registration documents (The concept proposal can be submitted optionally) to the Host before 18:00, July 19, 2021, whose cover shall be marked as ‘Registration Documents for International Consultation on the Project of Hot Springs Island, Xiangshan Bay‘ and whose contents include the hardcopies of commercial documents as well as their electronic files (in CD or USB flash drive), while the applicants who chose to submit the concept proposal shall submit both the hardcopies and electronic file of concept proposal

    7. Schedule (Provisional)


    July 7,2021 – Release of the official announcement 

    Before 15:00, July 16,2021 – Submission of the electronic commercial documents 

    Before 18:00, July 19, 2021 – Submission of the printed registration documents (The concept proposal can be submitted optionally), as well as their electronic files 

    July 20-21,2021 – The prequalification committee will review the registration documents, and 5 design firms and 2 alternatives will be shortlisted. 

    July 21,2021 – Announcement of prequalification results and issuance of the Invitation to Draft the Design Scheme 

    Design Competition 

    July 27,2021 – Organization of the site visit and Q&A 

    August 20-23,2021 – Interim communication (Provisional) 

    Before 12:00, September 16, 2021 – Submission of design deliverables 

    September 17, 2021 – Scheme Review Meeting 

    September,2021 – Final selection meeting and announcement of the final consultation result

    Note: All the time and date above are applied in Beijing Time. The Host reserves the right to amend the schedule.

    8. Organizers

    Host: Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources

    Organizer: Guangdong Urban & Rural Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd.

    9. Inquiry of Information

    Please visit the following websites for more information on the International Consultation:……

    10. Registration Inquiry

    Mr. Zhang    Tel: +86 755-8290 7866  Mob: +86 13631600111

    Ms. Zhou     Tel: +86 755 8290 9299  Mob: +86 13265572115


    Downloading the Working Rules:… 

    Downloading the Design Brief:…

    Downloading the registration forms:…

    Project Location
    Design Scope
    Registration QR Code

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