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Location: Conceptual
Categories: Idea, Strategy, Master Plan, Strategy, Landscape Design, Public Space, Public Infrastructure, Mixed-use
Submission deadline: October 01, 2021, at 11:30 PM
Language: English
Organizers: Architecture Fair Universitas Indonesia 2022


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    Summary: This competition invites participants to create compact living spaces where a small group of people could have everything done in one space by packing their heterogeneous lifestyle efficiently. The design would have to face the challenge in a limited area of land considering human comfort and the effectiveness of activities. Participants are expected to speculate how humans themselves would live in the future and how the evolving technologies play a big role in supporting it.


    The benefits that you will get include:
    – An e-certificate of participation
    – A chance to present your design at our main event (for the top 5 only)
    – Total prizes for winners over IDR 17.000.000 + winner e-certificate
    – Free access to “A-Talk: Webinar Series” and certificates

    – Registration Date:
    July 19 – October 1 2021
    – Early Bird Registration Date:
    July 19 – July 31 2021
    – Submission Deadline:
    October 1 2021
    – Winner Announcement:
    4th Week of January 2022

    Registration Fee:
    – Indonesian Students:
    Early Bird IDR 180.000
    Normal Price IDR 225.000
    – International Students:
    USD 20

    Terms of Reference:

    What are you waiting for? Go register yourself and/or your team at

    For further information, please contact:
    Instagram: @afairui
    Twitter: @afairui
    LinkedIn: AFAIR UI 2022

    Read more on the competition website here!

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