Call for Entries: Innovation Hub design Challenge


Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Categories: Idea, Public Space, Public Infrastructure, Strategy
Submission deadline:February 05, 2021, at 11:59 PM 
Language: English
Organizers: Archi-Tech Summit, Shaastra, IIT Madras in Association with L&T Construction

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Summary: The topic of this competition is designing Innovation Hubs: Using the power of design to create commercial facilities that act as workplaces and community hubs to instill an innovative spirit in the organization and thus, build a healthy company culture.

Description: With the rise in the importance of values such as innovation as a key factor in the long-term success of a new business venture, it has become increasingly important to maintain the values processed by a small-scale company as it scales to large multinational corporations. This has to be dealt with at both the micro-level by the work assigned to individuals and the macro-level on the design of the workspace in order to facilitate collaboration and innovation.

With this in mind, Shaastra – Summit 2021, in accordance with its theme Archi-Tech has partnered up with L&T Construction for our flagship competition for this year. “Innovation Hub Design Challenge” aims to harvest the power of design to create commercial facilities that act as workplaces and community hubs to instill an innovative spirit in the organization and thus build a healthy company culture.
• How should a campus integrate a work-life balance through its design?
• What would be the optimal layout to minimize the time spent by the workforce in commuting and maximize productivity?
• How would we be able to satisfy our aim while keeping sustainability in mind?
There are endless questions, but there are endless possibilities as well. This competition challenges you to use modern-day architectural practices like sustainability and adaptability in design and planning, to promote the integration of social, economic, and physical aspects involved in developing the innovation hub of the future. The use of technology for designing, analyzing, and visualizing will be highly encouraged.

Find further information about this competition here.


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