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Modelur License Key Activation in SketchUp


Upon purchase, you should have received a License Key. To license your copy of Modelur, please make sure you are online. You need to copy/paste the received License Key into the activation window, which opens automatically when you first initialize Modelur (Figure 2.01).

Activate Modelur

Figure 2.01 – Modelur Activation window.

In case you are not able to obtain your License Key or if you experience any other problem, please contact us at

Installation on a multi-user computer

Should you need to install Modelur on one computer with multiple users, you can use the same license for all of them. To make licensing process more simple, you should take advantage of SketchUp’s built-in system of shipped extensions, which installs default extensions that come with SketchUp for every user.

On Windows, the default extensions are stored in C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp ####\ShippedExtensions\. Extract Modelur.RBZ to that location (you should see Modelur.rb and \Modelur folder in the root of \ShippedExtensions folder). This way SketchUp will copy Modelur installation for every user of the computer when it is initialized.

By default, Modelur will check it’s license in C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\, meaning that each user will need separate license. But you can tell it to look for the license in specific location, let’s say in C:\Users\ so that the same license is visible to all users. In order to let Modelur know where to look for license file, you need to update the file local.json, where you need to add “licpath”: “C:/Users/” entry. This tells Modelur to look for license file in C:/Users/. To finish automatic setting of licpath, make sure you have local.json stored in C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp ####\ShippedExtensions\Modelur\user as SketchUp will copy its content to every user’s AppData folder. And of course make sure you have Modelur.lic in C:\Users\ folder.

For your reference, this is how local.json might look like on Windows:

  "last_news": 0,
  "licpath": "C:/Users"

Updating License

Once you renew your Modelur license, you need to update it in case the License Key is different from the one you used before.

In case you encounter some problems when trying to update the license using SketchUp Extensions > Modelur > Update Modelur License or Modelur can’t do it automatically (if it is the same Key as before), please do the following:

On Windows:

  1. Delete modelur.lic file from C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Modelur\ folder.
  2. Restart SketchUp and initialize Modelur. It will ask you for your License Key.

On OS X:

  1. Delete modelur.lic file from ~/Library/Application Support/Modelur/ folder.
  2. Restart SketchUp and initialize Modelur. It will ask you for your License Key.

Trial License

You can request free Trial License directly inside Modelur. To do so, install and initialize Modelur. Once activation window is shown, please enter your data and click on Start My Free Trial button (Figure 2.02).

Request trial