Case study: Urban Plan Roška

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on reddit Reddit Working through an urban design competition project is a team sport. A group of students and experts of spatial planning; urban designers, landscape architects, and architects joined their forces and formed a core project

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How Denser Cities Can Be More Liveable

Today’s society is facing lots of problems when it comes to cities, such as global warming, congestion, segregation, … We witness rapid urbanization with limited resources, therefore one of the goals of sustainable development is increasing the density of cities. It is important to note that greater density does not

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How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact Cities?

Illustrations by: Mengxin Li, One of the biggest autonomous cars manufacturer Tesla is creating all their newest cars with all the needed hardware for fully autonomous driving. However, Tesla is not the only one trying to bring car operation to computers. Big brands like Audi, GM, Google, Uber, are

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Estimate a city’s carbon footprint with Google maps

On September 10th, Google launched an online tool that can estimate the carbon footprint of a city. The tool estimates carbon emissions from all the buildings and transportation in the city. In addition, the tool evaluates the rooftop solar potential of the city buildings. The tool is called the Environmental Insights Explorer and was created in partnership

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Cities are Complex Dynamic Systems

Technological disruptions combined with environmental, social and economic changes are transforming the way we live. This affects the development and management of contemporary cities directly. As a consequence, our cities are facing many new challenges that need to be taken into account when planning them. Let’s look at the major

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How to Simplify Your Urban planning Process?

Use the power of Modelur to automatically calculate key urban control parameters, interact with 3D zoning rules, and get instant design compliance warnings.

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